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Strip Off Wrought Iron Stair Rail to Give It A New Look


There are various kinds of wrought iron stair rails both in domestic and international markets for your selection. Wrought iron stair rail can be painted and repainted for many times to make it look like works of art. Designed with different styles, wrought iron stair rail is very popular among consumers both at home and abroad. You should strip paint off the wrought iron stair before you paint a new layer on it actually. Here we will give  you some tips on how to strip paint off wrought iron railings.

First, use a lead test kit to test the paint to see whether any of the layers are lead based. You should wear a dust mask and other protective gear if you find lead-based paint actually. As we all know that lead is poisonous.

Second, sandblast your wrought iron stair rails. Sanding it to remove paint layers from the stair rail. Generally, the sandblasting aims a blast of high-powered sand directly at the wrought iron and strip away the old paint layers. You can rent the sandblaster at some home improvement stores.

Third, add a chemical paint stripper. Clean your stair rail and apply stripper and wait the recommended period of time on the stripper's directions. You can use steel tool, sandpaper or wire brush to scrape. You are advised to paint it in a well-ventilated place and wear the protective mask and gloves.

Fourth, attach wire brushes to a drill which can be found at home improvement and hardware stores. Use a pressure washer to strip paint from wrought iron stair rails. Generally the pressure washers are very effective.
Fifth, in order to melt the paint, you are advised to use a heat gun which is like a blow dryer for your hair. Then use a torch with a flame spread to burn off layers of old paint.

Frankly speaking, YiYang Metal is one of the leading manufacturers of wrought iron stair rail. We have various kinds of wrought iron stair rails for your selection. We also provide metal doors, and metal fences. We have great reputation among consumers for our fashion design and dependable quality. To find more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our website: www.yymetalgaterail.com

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