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Tips on How to Paint Wrought Iron Guardrail


Wrought iron guardrail is one of the addition that is usually added to stairway or yard. It can be used widely both in domestic and international markets actually. Well, knowing how to paint it can make your wrought iron guardrail more beautiful and elegant actually. In order to do so, you may need some things, like wire brush, tack cloth, paint prep soap, primer paint, metal paint, paint brushes and drop cloth and so forth.

The whole process can be sorted into 4 parts. Here we will give you a brief introduction:

First of all, you should clean the guardrail very carefully. Scrub the guardrail very thoroughly with a wire brush. Ensure that you can get into all the corners and crevices to scrub it. Ensure that all rust and paint should be removed. This is similar with all other painting work actually. Only when you clean it carefully, can you ensure you have an excellent painting work.

Second, use tack cloth or damp cloth to wipe down the scrubbed metal. Ensure that there is no remaining grit from the scrubbing. You should clean it well with paint prep soap if there is still any dirt remaining.

Third, what should you do next is to place the wrought iron guardrail on a drop cloth and prime the railing with a good quality exterior metal primer as close to the final color as possible.

Forth, choose the proper and excellent metal paint to paint your wrought iron guardrail. You can choose to brush on spray it on by yourself. You are advised to brush upwards as you go. You should paint entirely to ensure all angles and all corners have been painted well. Dry it in a well ventilated area before installing.

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